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about us

With combined experience of 16 years in the alarm and security industry, our team is prepared for anything you may need.

Our expertise ranges from large scale commercial security installations to small scale residential camera systems. As well as card access entry systems, structured cabling, intercoms, and audio.

All of our employees are OSHA certified.  Our Safety as well as yours is very important to us.


Islandwide carries several other certifications including Software House, Silent Knight, Prowatch, Sonos, as well as being proficient in many more brands.

Professionalism and efficiency is what we strive for on daily basis.


Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed and customer training is always unlimited on everything we install!  Choose Islandwide today for the assured protection of your home, family, or business. 


Frequently asked questions

  • How much is my system going to cost?
    Every system we install is unique and custom built for you. The best way to answer this question is to call us at 631-245-2586 and tell us what you're looking to do. Usually we can get a price back to you the same day.
  • Can I access my cameras from phone?
    Absolutely! As long as there is an internet connection available we can give you remote access from your Phone or PC from anywhere in the world!
  • Can I control my alarm system from my phone?
    Absolutely! A cell dialer is required for this and additional cost is associated with phone accesibility. Many customers take advantage of this feature.
  • Are the cameras wireless? / Will I see wires?
    No to both. Islandwide specializes in clean instalations with no wires shown whenever possible.
  • I already have cameras can I add more?
    Yes! As long as your machine isnt full we can add cameras to your existing system at any time.
  • Does having a security system save me money on my insurance?
    Yes!!! Islandwide will provide you with a proof of monitoring that you can give to your insurance company for a discount!
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