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So I have an Alarm, Now What?

I was always under the impression that your alarm gets installed and you're done. I mean what else would you have to do? Well there is another very important step. You have to register your alarm with the county and well of course pay the fee. In Suffolk County its $50 for residential and $100 for commercial properties. In Nassau County the fee is $100 for residential and $200 for commercial. You DO have to renew these permits around every TWO years! Don't forget!

Let's talk not having the permit. There are many false alarms that happen and do take the time of the police who come and investigate. In Suffolk County there is a small grace period. After 2 false alarms you will then start to receive fines. The fines are calculated based on how many false alarms you have. The more you have the more you will pay in fines. Nassau County seems to work along the same lines but their fines are higher. They do still work on the scale as more false alarms happen and they do allow 2 false alarms before any fines take place.

These permits are really important to have so make sure once we install your alarm you get the forms filled out. If you need any help with these forms please contact us. We would be happy to help you with the process! If you have just moved into a new residence and there is already an alarm in place you STILL have to register the alarm when you move in. The alarm permits are NOT transferable.

False alarms happen, even to alarm company owners! We have had 1 false alarm happen in our house. Brandon was working and didn't have service and I can't always answer my phone while at work and our alarm went off. Our company tried to contact us but then after they couldn't they called the police. A little while later I just happened to check our cameras and saw the police car out front. I watched the officer walk around the entire perimeter of our property and even went inside our crawl space to look around. I was so thankful for how thorough they were.

Check back soon as we discuss ways to prevent false alarms!

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