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Welcome to Islandwide Alarms

Hi all! My name is Sam and I am part owner of Islandwide Alarms. My husband, Brandon, started this business about 4 years ago working nights and weekends with the dream to one day go out on his own. We have recently made that dream a reality.

I wanted to use this space as an opportunity for a behind the scenes look at a family run business. Brandon and I have been happily married for 8 years and are lucky to have 2 small boys! I work full time as a teacher and also help run Islandwide Alarms. Brandon has been in the camera and alarm industry for 12 years. This has been an exciting journey for us so far.

What I love about this industry is the fact that we get to help people everyday. We help protect homes and businesses as well as people and that is something we take pride in. We have had cameras around our home since we bought our first home a few years ago. To me this was one of the best upgrades we did. I always felt safe knowing I could see around my house, especially when I was home with just me and the boys. We even put a monitor in our kitchen that displays our cameras all the time, I loved this even more! It was a quick glance to see who was at the door or what that loud sound was. The alarm is also something I really couldn't live without. It does more than just keep our home from being broken into, it also has the ability to call the fire department if there is fire or carbon monoxide detected. This was huge for me, especially once we had kids. I wanted anything possible to keep our boys safe.

You can also check us out on Instagram @islandwidealarms for more great things happening with our business!

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