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Why Do I Need An Alarm, I Have A Dog?!

Being in the alarm and camera business we've had the pleasure of speaking with so many people throughout the years. Some are interested in our services while others are not, just like any business. Through these conversations we have learned so much about the opinions people have regarding home alarm systems. A good amount of people we speak with are on the fence when trying to decide whether or not this is an investment they are willing to commit to.

A very common response we receive is, "I don't need an alarm, I have a huge dog." This is probably the biggest reason we get as to why a customer is not in need of our services. It also seems like a good reason, a huge dog most likely will be a deterrent for anyone trying to break into your home. So why would you need an alarm if you have a huge dog?

Home alarms are important for the obvious reason. They will alert the police if someone attempts to break into your home. But that is not the only purpose for a home alarm system. Your alarm system can also alert the police and fire department if there is fire or carbon monoxide detected. Here is where we get back to our beloved pets, and family! A house fire is reported every 83 seconds and around 400,000 pets are killed each year due to smoke inhalation (American Veterinary Medical Association). If you are not home and there is a carbon monoxide leak in your home who will be there to save the huge dog that was mentioned before? Who will be there to alert the fire department of the fire that broke out or the flooding caused by a pipe that burst?

We are looking to protect your entire family from all dangers, not just potential break ins. We like to make sure the families we service are protected from fire, carbon monoxide, and even water damage. We never want you to need to use these services, but what if you do?

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